Membership Categories

Membership of Welsh Wrestling is automatically accessed by purchasing a membership from the range of categories offered by British Wrestling; specifically designed to suit different individuals involved in the sport. 

Membership Category Who Is It For?
BWA Membership Senior 18+ Full membership for a person aged 18 years or over including Coaches, Board Members, Competition Officials and Club Officials
BWA Membership Student 18+ Full membership for a person aged 18 years and over in full-time education. Students must upload a copy of their Student Union Card/Proof of Student Status to validate membership before their application can be approved
BWA Membership Associate 16+ Any person who is NOT a competitor, coach, competition official, club official, regional official, BWA Board Member (suitable for e.g. Club Safeguarding Officer, video operator, parent of competitor etc.). Gives access to BWA educational courses, e.g. Safeguarding course.
BWA Membership Junior 12-17 Full Competitive membership for a person aged 12-17 years
BWA Membership Schoolchild under 12 Full Competitive membership for a person aged under 12 years.
BWA Membership Recreational
Anybody who is new to training who wishes to take part in the BWA Award Scheme but does not wish to participate in competitions. Does not give access to any BWA educational courses.
BWA Membership School Recreational Children and young people training in a school
BWA Membership Honorary Awarded by the BWA for long service.

New Member Sign-Up

Need help in purchasing your membership? Follow the video guide below and visit our YouTube Channel for more guides to our Membership Portal.